Speed automation —— Professional automatic screw locking equipment manufacturer Focus on automatic locking screw machine manufacturing, accumulated service for thousands of enterprises.

01 Strong corporate Strong enterprise strength, give you confidence
  • Years of professional Engaged in the research and development and production of automatic locking screw machine, with the national More than 2000 Large and medium-sized enterprises should establish good cooperative relations.
  • have More than 200 people R & D production team, professional machining workshop and assembly, testing workshop.
02 SOPHISTICATED SOLUTIONS Mature solutions, let you worry
  • According to your production requirements and product characteristics Customized scheme Address all your concerns.
  • It can cooperate with the production line operation The equipment can also be integrated into the assembly line without changing the existing production layout.
  • Advanced production technology, advanced technology. Help you Increase benefit and reduce cost
03 Stable equipment performance Stable equipment performance, let you feel at ease
  • Core components Imported famous brands are adopted , autonomous accessories High precision machining
  • Senior technician Responsible for installation and inspection to ensure that the equipment has no fault in long-term operation.
04 Improve the service system Perfect after-sales service system, let you rest assured
  • Enjoy free delivery, door-to-door installation, debugging and operation training.
  • Cheap spare parts supply and high quality maintenance service.
  • The main engine is guaranteed for one year, and the wearing parts are maintained at the cost of life.
05 Video service system Considerate video service system
  • You only need to provide a certain number of products and screws. We operate customized equipment for you, After the delivery of the goods, we will take the live pictures again
  • Maintenance, maintenance, operation problems need to be solved, we Provide professional video

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How many products can automatic screw locking machine apply to?
No matter how big the product is, we can design the automation solution according to the actual size, but the screw must be
How to adjust the automatic screw locking machine to automatic mode?
The screw locking machine with full automatic operation mainly refers to the multi axis type and the coordinate type. The two types of models have manual and automatic modes
What is the maximum stroke of automatic locking screw machine?
The stroke of automatic screw locking machine can be designed according to the product size, such as for large-scale products, such as shutter vent lock screw, large TV lock screw, car bumper
What should be paid attention to in operation of XZ-1 automatic screw machine?
XZ-1 locking screw machine is a kind of hand-held automatic screw machine. The operation of the equipment needs air source and power supply, which must be in accordance with the hand provided by our company
How to add material to air blowing automatic nail feeder?
When the screws of the blowing type automatic screw feeder are running out, the equipment will send out sound and light prompt. Just open the bin cover and add the corresponding screws
Is the screw with gasket suitable for automatic locking screw machine?
No matter big screw or screw with gasket, if we want to realize automatic conveying and automatic locking, we need to design scheme according to screw and product characteristics.
How to purchase auto lock screw machine accessories?
Chi speed automatic screw locking equipment is a non-standard automatic equipment, which needs to be designed according to customer requirements
What are the feeding methods of automatic screw locking machine?
What are the feeding methods of automatic screw locking machine? Generally speaking, the feeding mode of the automatic locking screw machine refers to the screw conveying mode
Can automatic nut feeding and nut tightening be realized?
It needs to be determined according to the condition of screws and nuts. 驰速自动锁螺丝机已经在部分行业产品实现送螺母拧螺母…
Can automatic locking screw machine be used for screws above 40mm?
The vibration plate feeding mode can be adopted to realize automatic screw tightening. Generally, the size of the automatic nail feeder is small, and for the length of more than 40
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