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Move left and right

Multi-axis left and right displacement type automatic screw machine

The left and right displacement type is to design a platform that can be moved left and right on a fixed table. There are multiple stations on the platform. When employees place products on one of the stations, the equipment screws the products already placed on other stations. Low, high efficiency, strong human-machine interaction.



Speed lock screw machine operating conditions Power supply voltage: 220V 50Hz
Working pressure: 0.4-0.6MPa
Feeding method: Fully automatic blowing feeding, multi-channel induction control.

Torque adjustment: According to the customer's torque requirements, select the power distribution batch \ wind batch model, and rotate the left and right directly by hand to adjust the torque.

Conditions of use: The total screw length is> 1.2 times the screw head diameter, and the screw length between M1-M8 is less than 45mm.
Scope of use: All speed-locking screw machines need to be customized. The same diameter of the screw rod can be used universally, regardless of the screw material and screw head shape.

Environmental protection floor automatic screw machine -displacement type external hexagon screw automatic lock screw machine -displacement type smart meter multi-axis lock screw machine -displacement type



◆ Free home delivery.
◆ Enjoy free equipment debugging and operation training, and enjoy lifelong affordable machine tool accessories supply and high-quality maintenance services.
◆ The mechanical part is guaranteed for free within one year, and the consumable parts are supplied at a cost price; after receiving the customer's fault feedback information, it responds immediately and arrives within 24 hours to resolve and eliminate the fault.

Chisu Automation is a professional manufacturer of automatic locking screw equipment. Since its establishment, the company has focused on customizing automatic locking screw equipment for customers. The product covers four categories: handheld, multi-axis, coordinate and high-precision servo lock payment. It has a professional R & D team and production base, and has independent development of automatic lock screw solution development, design and feeding mechanism, and lock mechanism. Production capacity, more than 100 R & D and production teams.
为经营理念,以实用性、稳定性为支撑,专注自动锁螺丝机制造,坚持做精品类。 Speed Speed Automation takes "focus and professionalism" as its business philosophy, supports practicality and stability, focuses on the manufacture of automatic lock screw machines, and insists on making fine products. 企业理念,得到了客户的认可,与20多个省直辖市,数千家企业,建立了良好的合作关系。 Adhering to the corporate philosophy of "making automatic screw equipment affordable for small and medium-sized enterprises" , it has been recognized by customers, and has established good cooperative relations with more than 20 provinces and municipalities and thousands of enterprises.
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