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Adsorption type

Adsorption type automatic screw screwing machine
 Adsorption type automatic screw screwing machine

Speed adsorption type Automatic screw screwing machine It uses the coordinate machine and the screw arranging machine to take back the screws from the screw arranging machine through the coordinate machine, and then execute the locking process. It has the function of ordinary coordinate type and takes into account the advantages of the screw arranging machine. Its advantage is that one equipment can be applied to most of the screws.
Although the efficiency of the permutation machine is lower than that of the air blowing type, the screw size of the adsorption type is loose, especially for some special screws which can not realize the air blowing feeding, it can still operate stably, and the applicable range of screws is wider.
The equipment is controlled by PLC and can store multiple sets of locking schemes, so as to realize automatic production in different products and screws. It is easy to operate. It can operate on a single computer without external computer, and can accurately locate. One person can manage multiple machines at the same time, saving labor. It is mainly suitable for mobile phones, digital, and other products with high production standards and various models.

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Operating conditions of Chi speed adsorption screw machine
Power supply voltage: 220 V, 50 Hz
Feeding mode: adsorption feeding.

Torque adjustment: according to the customer's torque requirements, select the type of power distribution batch / wind batch, and adjust the torque by hand.

Service conditions: M1-M4 screws, not affected by screw size, can be used for multi specification screws.
Application range: flat screw, short screw, etc.

Free door to door delivery.
Free equipment debugging and operation training, lifelong cheap machine parts supply and high-quality maintenance service can be enjoyed.
Free warranty for mechanical parts within one year, and supply of vulnerable parts at cost price; respond immediately after receiving the fault feedback information from customers, and arrive within 24 hours to solve and eliminate the fault.

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Chi speed automation is a professional manufacturer of automatic locking screw equipment. Since its establishment, the company has focused on customized automatic locking screw equipment for customers. The products cover four categories: hand-held, multi axis, coordinate and high-precision servo locking. It has a professional R & D team and production base. It has independent production capacity of core parts such as automatic screw locking scheme development, design and feeding mechanism, locking mechanism, etc. with more than 100 R & D and production teams.
Speed automation "Dedicated, professional" For business philosophy, with practicability and stability as the support, we focus on the manufacture of automatic locking screw machine, and insist on making high-quality products. Uphold "To be an affordable automatic screw locking device for small and medium-sized enterprises" Enterprise concept, has been recognized by customers, with more than 20 provinces and municipalities, thousands of enterprises, established a good cooperative relationship.
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