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High precision servo lock

Multi axis high precision servo automatic screw locking machine
 Servo tightening system

High precision Servo automatic screw locking machine It is different from the ordinary electric and pneumatic drills. It is driven by servo motor, which runs faster, and can control the tightening process carefully. In short, the torque value can be accurately within 1% of the upper and lower range. Each screw can be tightened according to the given torque value. The torque value of each motor can be adjusted arbitrarily by PLC through the touch screen.
1. Advanced tightening assembly solution, the tightening process is controlled by the controller software at a high speed, with powerful programming function to control the tightening process carefully;
2. Motor driven, high speed digital control of tightening process, high precision, long service life, almost maintenance free;
3. High speed real-time detection and high-precision control of tightening torque value can be controlled in both positive and negative directions;
4. It can detect the speed, control the soft start, control the angle, screen the sliding teeth, false lock and other errors in real time;
5. The controller interface displays the main data of tightening process in real time: actual torque value, process time, whether it is qualified, etc;
6. Rich input and output control signals: start, stop, positive and reverse rotation, tightening completion, qualified, error alarm, program selection, multi axis synchronous control, etc., which makes the control more flexible and accurate;
7. To provide customized service, we can provide products with special structure or greater output torque and speed according to customer requirements
Low speed clasp (prevent malocclusion)
High speed precession (improve efficiency)
Low speed tightening (ensure accuracy)
Reverse release (mechanism withdrawal)
Scope of application: mainly used for products with special requirements for torsion and locking details. Such as automobile engine and parts assembly, electronic product assembly, compressor, engine, household appliances, instruments, various parts, vehicles and parts, aviation, valves, etc.

 Blowing screw locking machine
 Servo lock screw machine High precision screw locking machine Locking screw machine electrical box Maintenance

Operating conditions of gallop lock screw machine
Power supply voltage: 220 V, 50 Hz
Working pressure: 0.4-0.6mpa
Feeding mode: automatic blowing type feeding, multi-channel induction control.

Torque adjustment: the torque can be set according to the production requirements, and the equipment can be locked according to the given torque value.

Service conditions: the total length of the screw is more than 1.2 times the diameter of the screw head, and the length of the screw between M1 and M8 is less than 45mm.
Screw head and screw lock are not affected by screw speed and screw speed.

Free door to door delivery.
Free equipment debugging and operation training, lifelong cheap machine parts supply and high-quality maintenance service can be enjoyed.
Free warranty for mechanical parts within one year, and supply of vulnerable parts at cost price; respond immediately after receiving the fault feedback information from customers, and arrive within 24 hours to solve and eliminate the fault.

High precision servo locking screw machine video

usage method
1. Turn on the power supply and connect the air source;
2. Pour the screws into the screw silo, and the amount of screws should not exceed the height of screw conveying track;
3. Place the products to be locked, start the host switch, and the equipment will screw all the screws automatically;
4. The turntable is usually equipped with four stations. While the equipment locks the screws, the operator places the products to be locked in another station, and the manipulator puts the products screwed into the pipeline conveyor belt;
5. The automatic mode can be set, and the operator only needs to place the workpiece;
6. When replacing the product, adjust the position of the shaft according to the position of the screw hole and replace the corresponding fixture.

Chi speed automation is a professional manufacturer of automatic locking screw equipment. Since its establishment, the company has focused on customized automatic locking screw equipment for customers. The products cover four categories: hand-held, multi axis, coordinate and high-precision servo locking. It has a professional R & D team and production base. It has independent production capacity of core parts such as automatic screw locking scheme development, design and feeding mechanism, locking mechanism, etc. with more than 100 R & D and production teams.
Speed automation "Dedicated, professional" For business philosophy, with practicability and stability as the support, we focus on the manufacture of automatic locking screw machine, and insist on making high-quality products. Uphold "To be an affordable automatic screw locking device for small and medium-sized enterprises" Enterprise concept, has been recognized by customers, with more than 20 provinces and municipalities, thousands of enterprises, established a good cooperative relationship.
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