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Technical Support

Working principle of hand-held automatic lock screw machine

Slow speed hand-held screw-locking machine slow motion: The first screw-screw action in the video is a slow-motion (1/10 speed). It can be seen that after screwing the screwdriver, the screw sleeve is reset and the nail feeder receives the signal. The automatic nail feeder screens and arranges it, blows it under the clamp nozzle through the nail feeding tube, and waits for the lock action. The entire feeding process is within 0.1S and cannot be detected by the naked eye; the second screw action in the video is at normal speed.
The advantages of blow-type feeding are high efficiency and no jamming. Usually hand-held operation only needs to keep looking for the screw hole and press down.

Conditions for automatic feeding
Power supply voltage: 220V 50Hz

Working pressure: 0.4-0.6MPa

Feeding method: Fully automatic blow-type feeding, multi-channel induction control, screw one to send one, to prevent jamming.

Torque adjustment: According to the customer's torque requirements, select the power distribution batch \ wind batch model, and rotate the left and right directly by hand to adjust the torque.

Conditions of use: the total screw length is> 1.3 times the diameter of the screw head (some screw ratios can be 1.2), and the screw length between M1-M8 is less than 45mm.

Scope of use: All speed-locking screw machines need to be customized. The same diameter of the screw rod can be used universally, regardless of the screw material and screw head shape.

Structure of Handheld Lock Screw Machine

Structure of automatic lock screw machine
Structure chart of multi-axis lock screw machine The speed multi-axis automatic lock screw machine mainly includes schemes: multi-axis vertical, left-right movement, flip-over, horizontal lock (horizontal lock), etc., its working table is fixed structure, usually There is only one station.

Structural drawing of turntable type automatic lock screw machine
Speed-speed turntable type automatic lock screw machine usually includes schemes: turntable with manipulator, ordinary turntable type, automatic discharge, double lock payment, etc. Through the configuration of the rotary table to achieve multi-step synchronous operation, usually 4-8 stations (designed according to production line requirements).

Structure diagram of coordinate lock screw machine Speed coordinate automatic lock screw machine usually includes schemes: dual platform, dual feeding system (back-to-back), single platform, large coordinate machine (gantry), adsorption and other schemes, using X \ Y \ Z three-dimensional coordinate positioning, point-by-point lock payment, through PLC control, the lock payment program can be set freely.

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