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Automobile model automatic screw locking machine-4-axis rotary table

Date: 2014 / 12 / 18 15:50:25 reading: 965

The automobile model has high ornamental value and decorative function. It is made of high-grade metal materials and plastics, with high processing requirements. This paper introduces how to replace manual to realize automatic production of automobile model.
The product pictures are as follows:
 Car model
The part that needs manual operation is screw tightening process. Two screws need to be locked in a car model. The efficiency of traditional manual locking method is not high and the qualification rate is difficult to control. Here, we design the rotary table according to the requirements of our company Automatic screw locking machine The design can be completed by 3-4 screws in one time
 Screw locking machine for automobile model
Equipment advantages:
The 4-axis rotary table type automatic screw locking machine adopts air blowing feeding mode, which does not require manual contact with screws. The screw feeder automatically sends the screws under the mouth of the electric driver to wait for locking, which saves the time of screw placement and improves the efficiency by more than 60%;
Four electric drivers work at the same time, and screw four screws of two products at a time. One person operation can save a lot of manpower. The whole process is automatically completed by the equipment to improve the production standard;
Equipped with turntable and multiple stations, the screw feeding, screwing and product taking and placing can be carried out at the same time without waiting;
The equipment is easy to operate, and only needs to take and place the product without unnecessary steps.
 Turntable locking screw machine
The equipment is equipped with touch screen, production capacity statistics and parameter setting are clear at a glance.
The above scheme is an automatic screw locking device designed for automobile model manufacturers. The scheme is designed according to the production requirements and product characteristics of the enterprise. The turntable design scheme belongs to cs-dz series. The detailed parameters and operation video can be accessed by clicking http://356cash.com/html/content_ 30_ 1.html

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