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Locking screw machine for auto parts industry

Locking screw machine for electric car charger-4-axis fixed type

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Automatic locking screw machine for electric vehicle charger
Different manufacturers of electric vehicles, their chargers are also different, charger manufacturers usually have many models of products, as shown in the figure below
The same screws are usually used. There are 4 screws in this product that need to be locked automatically. All screws can be screwed at one time by using the gallop automatic locking screw machine.
 Charger lock screw
The design scheme is shown in the figure. The design can be debugged and adjusted according to the product shape.
 Locking screw machine for electric car charger
Multi speed screw lock
1. High efficiency, many electric batch work at the same time, can replace more than one worker. The number of electric batch can be customized according to customer requirements;
2. It is easy to operate. The traditional manual screw taking and screw hole alignment need to take up a lot of working time and energy, while the equipment only needs to keep placing the workpiece;
3. Intelligent, PLC intelligent circuit control, configuration of touch screen, production data at a glance;
4. High standard, the locking process is completely completed by the equipment according to the procedures, so as to avoid the adverse effects caused by manual misoperation;
5. Stable performance, high-quality hardware materials and special treatment are used for key parts, and original electronic components are imported to ensure zero fault of equipment.

Advantages of automatic screw locking machine
Cost saving: one person can operate efficiently, and one person is equivalent to the efficiency of 3-5 people;
High efficiency: multi axis locking at the same time, it takes the same time to screw several screws and one screw;
Easier: 1 worker is needed for a single equipment, only loading and unloading are needed;
Can be customized: equipment strictly according to customer products, screws and production requirements to customize, better use;
Good image: intelligent automation equipment makes the production scene of the enterprise a new one and sets up the high-tech image of the enterprise.
Scope of application
1. It is suitable for all kinds of screws, and the total length of screws should be more than 1.3 times of nut diameter;
The total length of the screw is 40mm, and the screw can not be larger than 2;

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