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Screw screwing machine for building materials and lighting industry

Environmental protection floor automatic screw screwing machine-8-axis displacement type

Date: 2015 / 1 / 8 15:06:38 reading: 1001
Environmental protection floor automatic screw screwing machine
The actual product diagram is as follows:
This kind of floor is composed of two parts. Each floor is composed of a support and four rectangular materials. Each material needs 4 * 2 = 8 screws for fastening, and 32 screws are required for 4 pieces of materials. In the production process, screwing process needs a lot of time and manpower.
 Environmentally friendly flooring
This kind of products can use a variety of automatic locking schemes to improve production efficiency and reduce costs. The coordinate type or multi axis type can be adopted. Here, it needs to be determined according to the customer's requirements for production capacity. The coordinate type needs to screw screws one by one, and the multi axis type can screw many screws at the same time, with high efficiency and higher cost.
According to the requirements of customers, the following scheme is adopted for driving speed here:
 Displacement locking screw machine
8-axis displacement type Automatic screw screwing machine Screw 4 screws, which can make up of 4 screws with high efficiency.
Speed displacement type automatic screw locking machine is designed with double working positions. While the equipment is screwing, the employees place the products in another station, which circulates left and right without waiting and saves time.
 Multi axis automatic screw locking machine
Overall scheme of automatic screw locking machine
The operation of the equipment is simple and efficient. The staff only need to place the products. The screw feeding and screwing processes are automatically completed by the equipment.
Locking, taking and placing products are carried out at the same time, and 32 screws of a product can be placed and screwed in about 15 seconds, which greatly improves the production efficiency. The galloping displacement type automatic screw locking machine only needs one person to operate, and one equipment can save more than 5 employees.
The equipment is completely customized according to customer requirements
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