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Locking screw machine for household appliance industry

Fan shaker automatic screwing machine - Double Platform

Date: 2015 / 2 / 26 14:41:11 reading: 909

Automatic screwing machine for fan shaker
Fan shaker is a kind of electric fan shaking angle regulator which can adjust the shaking angle of electric fan arbitrarily to realize variable range air supply. Commonly used in floor fans, industrial fans, etc. The product pictures are as follows:
 Fan shaker screw
There are three screws need to be tightened. In order to improve the production efficiency, we use the double station and double platform coordinate type Automatic screw locking machine

Advantages of galloping coordinate type automatic screw locking equipment:
High efficiency: 3600-4000 screws per hour, no waiting time;
Easier: 1 worker is needed for a single equipment, only loading and unloading are needed;
Reliability: equipped with sliding teeth, floating lock, missing lock detection function and automatic alarm, can work more than 20 hours a day;
Versatility: for the same screw lock products, just change the fixture, lock different products, through simple programming, can be put into production, greatly convenient for enterprises to organize production;
First, set up the image of high-tech enterprises.
Cost saving: one person can operate efficiently, and one person is equivalent to the efficiency of three people;
 Shaker locking screw device
20 pieces of products can be placed on the fixture of a single platform. By using the dual electric driver, two screws can be screwed at one time, which can greatly improve the production efficiency. The dual platform can realize synchronous taking and placing of products. When the equipment screws, the staff can place products in another station, which can greatly save time.

 Automatic screw locking machine

Chi Su this automatic screw locking machine is easy to operate, the staff only need to place the product, the product fixture design is scientific, easy to take and place the product quickly.  
A detailed introduction to the galloping coordinate type screw locking machine
1. It is mainly composed of screw automatic conveying system, X-Y-Z mobile platform, control system and locking system;
2. It has strong applicability. To replace the product, you only need to change the fixture, save the equipment program separately, and transfer out the corresponding program;
When the sensor is finished, the feeding will not be repeated;
4. Sliding teeth do not feed: in the locking project, the torque is not reached, and the screw is not sent out, so as to prevent the sticking of the batch nozzle;
5. Good stability and no material sticking. Even if the material is stuck due to poor quality, non professional personnel can solve the problem in a few seconds;
6. High efficiency. Generally, one screw can be made in one second. It is not necessary to grab the screw, just put the product on the fixture and operate the equipment;
7. It can reduce the screw locking operation of three workers, realize the full automation production, reduce the labor intensity of workers and improve the productivity;
8. The key parts are made of high-quality hardware materials with special treatment. The original electronic components are imported to ensure zero fault of the equipment.

 Automatic screw locking machine for fan

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