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Locking screw machine for household appliance industry

Electric mosquito bat multi axis locking screw machine-6-axis fixed type

Date: 2015 / 3 / 26 10:22:41 reading: 1820
Electric mosquito bat multi axis locking screw machine
The electric mosquito swatter is a necessary small electrical appliance at home in summer. No matter it is flies, mosquitoes, or all kinds of flying insects and moths, it can be easily eliminated without leaving traces on furniture and walls. The product is easy to operate, pollution-free, safe and has a large market demand.
There are many manufacturers of this kind, and the market competition is fierce. The price factor has a very important influence on the sales (here, the price refers to the product price under the condition that the product quality is equivalent, and the low-cost and inferior products are not included). It is the assembly process that consumes more labor cost in production. The screw tightening process costs more labor. How to make the products more competitive and obtain more profits without changing the quality of products requires enterprises to find a way to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Chi speed multi axis locking screw machine
The screw tightening process of electric mosquito racket can be completely replaced by automatic equipment, as shown in the following figure:
 Electric mosquito beat lock screw machine
Six screws are needed to fasten the shell of the electric mosquito swatter. Here, the galloping six axis is adopted Automatic screw locking machine All screws can be screwed at one time, saving a lot of manpower. Chi speed multi axis automatic screw locking machine is designed according to the product characteristics, with automatic screw feeding, automatic screw tightening, automatic detection and other automatic functions.
It usually takes only 2-3 seconds to screw all the screws, and the staff only need to take and place the products. The rest steps are automatically completed by the equipment, and only one person is required to operate one equipment. One person can work more than six people, and the labor intensity is small.
 Multi axis locking screw machine
Chi speed multi axis automatic screw locking machine, small size, high efficiency, can be placed beside the assembly line or other positions, without changing the layout of the existing workshop. Chi speed automatic screw locking equipment all need to be customized, multi axis type delivery time is usually in 15-20 working days, if you need, please call our company or come to our company for investigation.
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