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Automatic tightening machine for external hexagon screw - displacement type

Date: 2015 / 4 / 21 16:51:19 reading: 1148
Automatic tightening machine for external hexagon screw
Usually, the automatic screw tightening equipment is used for slotted screws, such as slotted head, cross head, plum screw, hexagon and triangle screw, etc. this kind of screw can be locked automatically by configuring a locking nozzle with a screwdriver head, while the external hexagon screw needs a sleeve tool to tighten the screw, and the sleeve is too large to design the locking nozzle Automatic screw locking machine In production design, it can not meet the requirements of automatic feeding and locking of external hexagon screws and nuts. Chi speed automatic locking screw machine can only be used for a part of external hexagon screws.
The product in this case is a cable TV distributor. The screws are placed well. In the production, only the screws need to be tightened. There is no need for automatic feeding to solve the design problem of lock mouth size. The product pictures are as follows:
 Cable TV distributor
A total of 32 screws need to be tightened, and the screw position is not the same.
When tightening the external hexagon screw, because the screw is hexagonal, the shaft attached to the automatic locking screw machine is running at high speed. If the sleeve does not match the external hexagon screw very well at the moment of contacting the screw, it is easy to screw the screw. The design scheme is as follows:
 External hexagon screw tightening equipment
It can solve the problem of alignment screw. (this paper introduces the case for the scheme without automatic feeding. The displacement scheme of automatic screw feeding and automatic screw tightening can be click Displacement type automatic screw locking machine )
The adoption of the galloping displacement scheme can greatly reduce the equipment investment cost and greatly improve the efficiency (the galloping displacement design scheme is only applicable to some special products)
Chi speed this automatic screw tightening equipment is equipped with 4 shafts, which can screw 4 external hexagon screws at one time. 32 screws are completed in 8 actions at a time. The equipment will automatically adjust the position of the shaft and automatically screw off the four screws in a row. A row of screws can be screwed in 2-3 seconds. Employees only need to put the product on the fixture, which is easy to operate and can save 4-6 workers.
 Displacement screw screwing machine
The operation video of the device is as follows, and HD mode can be selected
Video of external hexagon automatic locking screw machine
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