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Screw screwing machine for building materials and lighting industry

Automatic screw locking machine for LED ceiling lamp - 6-axis fixed type

Date: 2015 / 5 / 12 16:49:50 reading: 1360

Automatic screw locking machine for LED ceiling lamp
There are 6 screws in the product, which need to fasten the bottom plate to the lampshade. The product adopts powder spraying coating process, which requires high appearance. It is difficult to control the production standard by manual locking.
 Led ceiling lamp
Here we use the galloping 6-axis type Automatic screw locking machine All screws can be screwed at one time. The equipment can set the position and torque of the shaft according to the requirements. PLC control will not cause adverse effects caused by artificial factors. The design scheme is as follows:
 Automatic screw locking machine for LED lamps
Chi speed is a professional customized automatic screw locking machine for LED ceiling lamp products. The equipment is composed of three automatic screw feeding machines (due to the particularity of screws, one out two screw feeding machines are required to operate stably), and six screws can be transported at one time. Six batches can be started at the same time, and six screws can be screwed in one action. The staff only need to place the LED lamps on the set fixture during the operation. After the equipment is screwed (2-3 seconds), the product to be locked can be replaced. There is no need to manually contact the screw and manually participate in the locking.
 Multi axis automatic screw locking equipment
The equipment works according to the set requirements, which eliminates the adverse effects of artificial factors. At the same time, the production efficiency is greatly improved. It only needs one person to operate. The equipment is small in size and can be placed beside the assembly line and in various places. There is no need to change the existing pipeline layout.
The automatic screw locking machine in this scheme belongs to cs-dg series. For details, please visit
http://356cash.com/html/content_ 26_ 1.html
Chi speed automatic locking screw machine is designed for customers. The case pictures are for reference only. If you have similar requirements, please provide the pictures of relevant products and screws when consulting, so that we can make a reasonable plan.

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