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Locking screw machine for household appliance industry

Barber 8-axis locking screw equipment - double lock pair

Date: 2015 / 6 / 10 9:53:03 reading: 1170
Automatic screw locking equipment for barber production line
The product structure of barber is basically similar. In this case, the same screws are used for different models of products. There are 8 screws in each product that need to be tightened. The four screws inside and four screws outside:
 Screw position of Barber
The design case here is as follows
 Barber screw tightening equipment
8-axis turntable Automatic screw locking device It is divided into eight processes, and two stations are designed for each process. The operation principle is as follows:
Place the workpiece on the fixture of the inner ring, and screw the four screws inside the device. Here, workers are required to place the products continuously,
 Turntable screw
When the turntable rotates for one cycle, the product with the four internal screws screwed will also be turned to the worker's operation position. At this time, it is necessary to put the product that has already screwed the four internal screws into the outer ring clamp from the inner ring clamp, and place the shell at the same time. The equipment will automatically screw the external four screws, that is, all the eight screws on the product are tightened,
 Manipulator screw screwing machine
When the products with all screws screwed are transferred to the manipulator position, the manipulator will automatically grab the products and put them into the assembly line. The whole process is synchronous operation, which can be realized through the turntable. In the operation process, two workers are required, one is responsible for placing the inner ring products, the other is responsible for placing the outer ring products.
 Barber lock screw equipment
(in the figure above, due to the fact that the equipment has been delivered before delivery and the time is in a hurry, the product position is misplaced by mistake. The correct one should be that the product without the shell is in the inner ring, and the one with the shell screwed is in the outer ring.)
The whole process is synchronized with circular operation, and all processes are carried out at the same time. Eight screws can be screwed in 2-3 seconds and automatically put into the assembly line.

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