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Locking screw machine for auto parts industry

Auto parts auto lock screw machine - multi function

Date: 2015 / 7 / 29 9:27:17 reading: 1496
Usually, the automatic screw locking machine only acts as the automatic screw tightening process in the production process. However, in the actual production, the production requirements and product processes of various enterprises are different, and many products need multiple processes at the same time. Therefore, the automatic screw locking equipment usually needs to cooperate with other equipment to complete the assembly line operation requirements. This paper introduces the screw tightening equipment for auto parts.

Multi function locking screw machine for auto parts
The products are auto parts, mainly the screw tightening process of door motor. Three screws need to be tightened. The production requirements need to meet the following requirements:
1. Screw the product at a certain temperature;
2. The products with screwed screws need to enter the pipeline conveyor belt;
3. Screw three screws of one product at a time to save time.
The operation requires heating the product at the same time of screwing. Here we design a galloping three-axis manipulator Automatic screw locking machine At the same time, it can automatically take and place the product to the conveyor belt while screwing all the screws at one time. At the same time, the heating device is configured to meet the production requirements of the product.
Auto parts automatic screw locking machine
 Automatic heating screw tightening equipment
Chi speed automatic screw locking equipment is small in size, small in area and convenient for placement
 Auto screw screwing machine
Production situation of automatic screw locking equipment for auto parts
 Manufacturer of automatic screw locking machine
The automatic screw locking device can complete the whole screw tightening process in 2-3 seconds: automatic screw feeding - automatic heating - automatic screw tightening - automatic taking and placing products. The equipment is easy to operate, and employees only need to place products.
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