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Screw screwing machine for toy personal protection industry

Automatic locking screw machine for children's Scooter - 6-axis fixed type

Date: 2015 / 8 / 13 10:01:21 reading: 1493
Automatic screw locking machine for children's scooter
There are many kinds of scooters. Here is the frog scooter Automatic screw locking scheme The frog scooter does not pursue speed, but is mainly used for leisure, fitness, children's entertainment, etc. using the principle of left and right sliding, the push force is generated by the combination of outward thrust of legs and inward and inward movement of both legs. The two rear wheels alternately present the shape of "inner eight" and "outer eight", thus the driving force is generated. It can move naturally to the sartorius muscle, which is seldom active at ordinary times.
 Locking screw machine for scooter

Automatic screw locking machine Application in scooter industry
The screw screwing process of scooter is mainly concentrated on the slide plate and the frame part. In the locking process, enough torque is required to ensure that the slide plate and the frame part are fastened. However, the whole sliding plate part has a large volume. The special multi axis automatic screw locking machine is designed here. The position of the shaft can be adjusted according to the actual situation. The advantage of the multi axis screw locking machine is that all screws can be screwed at one time With high production efficiency and high locking standard, one equipment can screw 5 screws in 2-3 seconds by one person, saving 3-5 workers.
 Multi axis screw locking machine
Chi speed automatic locking screw machine is small in size and easy to be placed in all parts of the production line.
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