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Automatic screwing device for fuse - 2-axis rotary table

Date: 2015 / 9 / 12 9:21:42 reading: 1476

Multi process automatic screw tightening equipment for fuse
Fuse in the production needs to spend a lot of time to assemble, because the product parts need to be manually assembled and different components are combined by screws, a total of 7 parts of the product need to be assembled, and the structure is as follows
 Fuse product structure
This process seriously reduces the production efficiency and makes the labor cost occupy a large amount of production cost.
According to the production requirements of the enterprise, here we design a multi station turntable Automatic screw locking machine This is not only the screw tightening process, but also involves assembly, which runs through the entire assembly task of the product.
 Fuse screwing equipment
     The design of multiple stations here means that each station carries out one assembly task, and multiple stations complete multiple assembly tasks, thus eliminating the pipeline conveyor belt. The flow process can be directly realized on the turntable of the automatic screw locking machine. The screw tightening and screw feeding processes are automatically completed by the equipment, while the screw tightening process only takes 2-3 seconds, and the circumference synchronous operation, that is, the whole assembly and screw tightening process only takes 2-3 seconds It takes 2-3 seconds.
Due to the particularity of product production, this multi process equipment is only suitable for such products.
In fact, the automatic fuse production equipment adds several more processes to the turntable automatic locking screw machine, so that more people and assembly processes are added to the turntable. The whole production process time is greatly reduced, and multiple processes of a product can be completed in 2-3 seconds.
Turntable generally uses 4 stations, the specific introduction can be consulted http://356cash.com/html/content_ 30_ 1.html

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