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Automatic locking nut equipment for electric fan

Date: 2016 / 6 / 11 16:51:41 reading: 3413
Automatic locking nut equipment for electric fan
Fan lock screw equipment is my company to do more of a class of products, designed before Fan shaker lock screw Programme Ceiling fan motor cover lock screw Project, table fan, bedside fan, USB small fan, etc. The design scheme of different parts involved in the fan is also different, including multi axis, coordinate and online schemes. The scheme introduced here is quite different from the previous one. This scheme needs to lock the nut, realize the automatic locking screw feeding and nut feeding, and make the two cooperate to realize Self locking nut
 Fan lock screw device
This product is the rubber ring on the outside of the fan net cover. The product is fastened by a nut. Generally, desktop fans are used more. The fan apron is fastened by nuts and screws. In the production process, only the screws and nuts need to be screwed on. The main difficulty lies in the transportation of screws and nuts. The problem of screw conveying is to adopt the blowing scheme. The problem lies in the fact that the nuts need to be transported by vibrating plates, which results in two different feeding methods. Moreover, the two different conveying modes should be completed at the same time and locked. It requires multiple sensors to detect the problem of missing delivery and locking.
According to the production requirements of customers, the galloping design scheme is as follows:
 Automatic locking nut equipment
    The size of the equipment is not large, it can be placed at the designated position of the workshop at will. At the same time, the operation mode is very simple and basically completed by the equipment automatically. The workers only need to place products here, and the skilled hands can quickly adapt to the production rhythm. The details of the equipment design are not introduced here. The main functions are introduced: automatic nut feeding, automatic screw feeding, automatic locking, missing delivery and missing lock detection And automatically put the processed products into the designated position. This kind of equipment can solve the problem of nut locking, and can complete all processes of fan cover rubber ring in 2-3 seconds. The design scheme of the car speed here is for reference only. If you have different requirements, please contact our customer service.
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