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Locking screw machine for auto parts industry

Automobile fuel pump motor 4-axis screwing machine - turnover type

Date: 2016 / 8 / 31 10:27:35 reading: 1320

4-axis automatic screwing of automobile fuel pump motor

First of all, this paper briefly introduces the turnover type automatic screwing machine, which is a model under the Chi speed cs-dg series. Its function is the same as cs-dg series, but the console has been improved. The turnover type is mainly used for the screw locking solution of multiple surfaces of the product.
The electric fuel pump is installed inside the automobile fuel tank to provide power for the fuel system to deliver fuel. The product is mainly composed of pump body, permanent magnet motor and shell. The product functions and details are not introduced too much. Here we mainly explain the screw locking process of fuel pump motor. The product pictures are as follows:

We introduced it before Motor automatic screw tightening equipment The design scheme is the galloping 4-axis fixed type. The equipment can screw four screws on one side at a time, and then turn the product manually, and then screw the four screws on the other side. The production efficiency is high. Here, the same product is introduced to flip type Automatic screwing machine Through the design of a fixture which can automatically turn over on the operating platform, the same design as 4-axis type, the equipment screwed 4 screws on one side, automatically turned over to the other side, and automatically screwed 4 screws, the equipment greatly simplified the manual operation procedure. Only one action of placing the product can automatically screw 8 screws on two sides.

 Screw locking machine for fuel pump
Turning type locking screw machine This is also the development trend of automatic screw locking technology. The equipment will replace manual work to complete more complex actions and simplify the production process. Enterprise management can have more time to optimize and develop their own products, instead of being troubled by various complex problems in the production workshop.

 Turning type locking screw machine
Another advantage of screw tightening of fuel pump motor is that the production standard is high. Although it is the screw locking problem on the upper and lower sides, the equipment always keeps perpendicular to the screw hole of the product when performing the screw tightening action. Previously, customers suggested that the product should be placed vertically, with eight Electric Screwdrivers on both sides, and eight screws should be screwed at a time. This solution seems to be efficient, but in actual production, the screw is in actual production The wire locking standard is not enough, which is not suitable for products with high production standard requirements. If the electric screwdriver is placed horizontally, it can ensure that the screw hole surface is perpendicular to the lock nozzle. Theoretically, the screw will be placed horizontally when it comes out of the screw feeding pipe. However, due to gravity, it can not guarantee that every screw can be perpendicular to the screw hole surface when it comes out of the lock nozzle, and the speed of the electric screwdriver is faster Screw off the screw, and the product may be damaged.

Video of automatic screwing machine
Although the two sides of the flip type lock two times, but each locking can ensure high standards to complete, and the fixture flip time is very short, employees place a product, 4-5 seconds can complete two locking action, high standard screw 8 screws, the equipment only needs to configure an automatic nail feeder, 4 electric drivers and locking mechanism, lower cost and higher standard.

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