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Locking screw machine for auto parts industry

Auto locking scheme of PTC heater for automobile

Date: 2016 / 8 / 31 16:56:49 reading: 2292

Auto locking scheme of PTC heater for automobile
PTC heater is mainly used in air conditioning, air heater, drying equipment, etc Automatic locking screw The products in the solution are mainly used in the electric vehicle industry. These products are customized according to the requirements, and the product sizes and specifications are relatively large. The products are composed of insulation support and PTC heat dissipation components. It seems simple to tighten the screws through screws. In actual production, it is difficult to screw the insulating supports on both sides. In order to ensure the tightness of the two, the insulation supports on both sides should be fixed on the loose bracket by screws There is no screw hole in the heat dissipation material. It is necessary to break down and fasten the aluminum heat dissipation components while tightening the screws. Product pictures are as follows, the actual product model as many as dozens of.

This kind of production mode is very easy to cause sliding teeth and other phenomena, that is, to ensure that there is enough torque to self tapping screw holes, at the same time, it must ensure that the aluminum heat dissipation components do not deform and the screws are not slippery, so it is difficult to lock. However, the two sides and the front and back sides of the product usually need screws to fasten, so the manual operation efficiency is extremely low.
What makes manual work more worrying is that this kind of PTC heater uses different screws to fasten, and two different types of screws are used for fastening on both sides, which adds a workload to manual work. As a result, product quality standards are more affected by human factors.

 PTC heater screwing machine

A PTC heater has four screws that need to be tightened. It may require multiple automatic screwing equipment to complete the locking of screws. Here, we mainly introduce the turnover type automatic screwing scheme, which has been relatively mature and has been gradually popularized in many industries. Generally, the flip type is used in products with small size and easy fixation. (some models of the product need to be equipped with accessories, which can only be turned manually. The function is the same as the ordinary multi axis type, which is not introduced here.)
The equipment can be operated by placing the product manually. The special fixture of the equipment can automatically fix the PTC heater. After screwing the screws on one side, it will automatically turn over to the other side to complete the locking of screws on both sides.

 Automobile PTC locking screw machine
Due to the particularity of the product, the equipment is equipped with torque control, torque detection, safety grating and other functions, which greatly improves the performance and safety of the equipment.

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