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Screw locking machine for digital office industry

Apple mobile phone case automatic screw tightening machine - air breathing type

Date: 2016 / 9 / 5 16:33:29 reading: 1275

Apple mobile phone case automatic screw tightening machine - air breathing type
At present, in addition to protecting the mobile phone's appearance, it is also necessary to protect the mobile phone's appearance from shock Automatic screwing machine Screw locking is applied to the rechargeable shell of Apple mobile phone.
There are not many models of Apple mobile phones, but the design of each model is very particular, and the production standard of its mobile phone related accessories is also quite high. The mobile phone shell introduced here is formally due to the technical requirements of using very small screws. When the screws are smaller than M1, it is more difficult to adopt the blowing type. This also reflects the advantages of the speed breathing automatic locking screw machine - do not consider the screw size.

 Apple mobile phone case lock screw machine
Speed up Air breathing automatic screw locking machine It is also controlled by PLC, which can modify the operation track of the equipment, and has good versatility. In the figure, the rechargeable shell with 11 screws and 8 screws is used for locking. In actual production, the locking scheme can be changed according to the production requirements, and multiple sets of schemes can be stored for production needs. Usually, double platforms are designed to take and place products and screw screws to run independently, so as to enhance human-computer interaction and improve production efficiency.

 Screw the mobile phone case

The advantage of the air suction type is to take the screw back and forth through the suction nozzle, and then perform the locking task. As long as the screws can be put into the orbit, the automatic feeding can be realized. Especially for the small screws about M1 (the screw is too large, it is not applicable), the stability is higher than other models, so its versatility is higher than other equipment.

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