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Screw screwing machine for building materials and lighting industry

Automatic screw locking machine for LED projection lamp

Date: 2016 / 9 / 5 17:37:05 reading: 2274

Automatic screw locking machine for cooling cover of LED projection lamp
This kind of LED lamp can be widely used in many industries Automatic locking screw This case mainly introduces the application of Chi speed air breathing locking screw machine on the heat dissipation aluminum cover of LED projection lamp. The specific process is to fasten the aluminum name plate of the projection lamp in the back cover through 4 flat head screws. The aspirating type is mainly used for small screws and short flat screws. Here, we mainly describe the scheme under the condition of short flat screws.

 LED projection lamp lock screw machine
The locking process of the product seems simple, but due to the screw factor, it is unable to realize the automatic feeding. Here we use the air suction screw feeding type to solve the problem. Generally, we know that if the total length of the screw is close to the diameter of the screw cap, the screw will turn over in the screw feeding pipe, and the automatic feeding can not be realized. This is why many customers are keen on purchasing the air breathing locking screw machine. There is no need to consider the screw size factor. Of course, due to the need to suck the screw back and forth, the air suction type has a lower efficiency than the air blowing feeding mode, but it can solve various special screws Silk feeding problem. The efficiency can be improved by more than 80% compared with the traditional method.

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