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Screw locking machine for digital office industry

Automatic screw locking machine for network set top box

Date: 2016 / 9 / 6 10:01:39 reading: 3290

Automatic screw locking machine for network set top box

Network set-top box is also called TV box. Usually this kind of home digital products have strict appearance requirements and exquisite product design. This case mainly focuses on the screw locking work of the bottom cover of the network set-top box. The bottom cover of the product fastens a piece of metal product on the bottom shell through three screws, which mainly plays the role of heat dissipation and weighting. The speed here is air breathing Automatic screwing machine The main reason is that the screw size, product and screw hole position are easy to realize automatic locking, but the product screw can not be supplied by air blowing: the total length of the screw is 4mm, the diameter of the screw head is 6mm, which belongs to the typical flat head screw, and the diameter of the screw head is too large.

 Set top box locking screw machine
The function of the air breathing type screw locking machine is similar to that of the blowing type coordinate machine. I will not introduce it here. The reason why the air breathing screw locking machine does not need to consider the screw size is that it uses the permutation machine to supply the screw, the suction nozzle absorbs a screw, and the permutation machine automatically sends one. As long as the screw can be entered into the track of the permutation machine, it can be used.

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