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Locking screw machine for auto parts industry

Auto engine locking screw machine servo tightening

Date: 2016 / 10 / 26 14:56:47 reading: 1242

Auto engine locking screw machine servo tightening

In the production of automobile engine, precise quality control is needed. Aluminum material is usually used. In the process of production and processing, the accuracy and parameters of each link are within the controllable range. Robots are usually used to realize highly flexible automatic operation. What is involved in here is the screw tightening work inside the automobile engine, because all parts of the engine are highly precise Density processing, so there are also quite high requirements for screw tightening process. If the screw tightening process produces defective products, it will cause great loss. It is required that the torque and angle of each screw should be under the specified reference value. the customer's product is fastened by three screws, and the product is made of all aluminum (according to the customer's requirements, the product picture is not shown here). It is necessary to screw the three screws of the engine at one time, and the driving speed here is designed according to the requirements Automatic servo tightening machine The torque value can be controlled by the servo motor in real time

 Automobile engine screw

The design of flexible conveying line is adopted, and the conveying speed is adjustable from 3 to 20 m / min. It can support the torque range from 8nm to 500nm, the maximum speed can reach 1200rpm / min, and the tightening assembly accuracy can reach ± 1%. Support various tightening methods, such as torque method, angle method, yield method, etc. It adopts fast wheelbase switching mechanism to adapt to the assembly of various types of products. Multiple control modes. It supports fieldbus control. Through the communication interface preset by the equipment, it can carry out the communication function among various working positions on site, and establish the field information monitoring system. It has the function of self diagnosis to prevent accidental errors. With electromagnetic shielding device and digital processing technology, it has strong anti-interference ability and can be applied to various harsh environments.

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