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Locking screw machine for auto parts industry

Screw screwing equipment for car seat headrest

Date: January 26, 2018 9:10:10 reading: 1447

Locking scheme of car seat headrest
The cost of car seats is high. The customers here mainly produce all kinds of leather seats. The figure below shows the headrests of front seats. The internal framework needs to be tightened by screws.

The product is fastened by three screws, two on the front and one on the back. Customers hope to screw three screws on both sides at a time to simplify the process and shorten the production time. The conventional automatic screw locking equipment is vertical downward locking. When screwing double-sided screws, it is necessary to realize vertical locking. Both the front and back sides will be under the pressure of the equipment, so it is necessary to ensure that the product position does not move during the locking process.
Car headrest lock screw machine video

The preloading device is designed here to ensure that the product position remains unchanged in the locking process, and the front face is adopted Double shaft automatic screw locking machine To screw the two screws on the top; to design a single shaft locking screw system under the console, which is used to fasten a screw on the back of the product. Three electric screwdrivers are controlled by PLC, and the locking action is executed synchronously.
Equipment effect: employees take and place the products, the equipment automatically transports 3 screws and automatically screw three screws. Screw one product at a time.

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