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Screw screwing machine for building materials and lighting industry

Integrated ceiling light screwing device - horizontal locking

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Integrated ceiling light screwing equipment
Integrated ceiling panel lamp is a commonly used lighting building material in modern decoration. It can be integrated into the integrated ceiling of restaurants, kitchens, offices, toilets, etc., which can meet people's demand for high illumination in kitchens and bathrooms, and achieve a fashionable, simple and modern style. In order to be beautiful and durable, the panel light frame adopts screw fastening instead of welding. The frame is made of four aluminum product frames to form a square frame. Each corner needs two screws, and one panel light frame needs eight screws.
 Panel light lock screw

Integrated ceiling panel light screwing machine video

Because of the lower efficiency of assembly of 8 screws in the side of the product, the customer hopes to solve the problem by assembling 4 screws.

 Integrated ceiling light screwing equipment

4-axis is adopted Automatic screw locking machine In the horizontal locking system, four electric screwdrivers are respectively located at the four corners of the product. A special worktable is designed for the positioning of the product frame assembly machine. Eight screws need to be tightened in two steps: the employee places four frames, the fixture automatically locks the frame position, and screws the four corners; the employee rotates the horizontal direction of the product 90 ° and puts it into the fixture again, and the equipment screws the remaining four screws The horizontal locking can ensure the balanced force on each corner of the product. At the same time, the special fixture can ensure the level of each frame of the product, greatly improve the production standard and efficiency.

 Horizontal automatic screw locking machine

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