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Screw locking machine for digital office industry

Wireless intelligent socket automatic screw locking device

Date: 2018 / 1 / 27 9:07:48 reading: 1433

Wireless intelligent socket automatic screw locking device
WiFi wireless smart socket is an important part of smart home, which turns electrical connector into intelligent product with independent operating system. In the past, the household chores that could not be completed outside the home can be completed independently by WiFi smart socket. The power on and power off control and status display of the socket can be realized through the smart phone client. The control of multiple sockets is supported. Multiple timing tasks and multiple delay tasks can be set for the socket. Users can control the home appliances, such as water dispenser, electric water heater, fan, lighting, rice cooker, etc. in local or remote control, which can be opened with use, adding convenience to life.

 Wireless smart socket lock screw

Video of intelligent socket screwing machine

In the production process, the screw fastening part is the upper and lower shell. The wireless smart socket here is fastened by two screws. The product has simple structure and high requirements on appearance. As this kind of new creative products, the market demand for products is large in the short term. Customers hope to shorten the production cycle and improve the production capacity through equipment. Here we use the gallop 4-axis belt Manipulator automatic screw locking machine With the mechanical arm to complete the screw tightening process, the equipment can automatically screw four screws of two products at a time, and automatically put the screwed products into the assembly line. The screw tightening, taking and placing of the two products can be completed in about 3 seconds, which greatly simplifies the production process and improves the efficiency.

 Intelligent socket automatic screw locking machine

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