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Screw screwing machine for building materials and lighting industry

LED flat lamp lock screw device - 16 axis

Date: January 29, 2018 9:19:37 reading: 538

LED flat lighting is often used in room lighting, office lighting, industrial lighting, hotels, shopping malls and other places. It can be embedded, suspended, surface mounted, integrated ceiling and other installation methods. With uniform light, bright light full plane output, wider luminous angle; ultra-thin ultra light, special circuit design, to avoid single bad light affect the overall effect. The products usually have several fixed sizes and specifications, and there are more screws for each flat lamp.
 Flat lamp lock screw

There are mainly three specifications of 120 * 30cm, 30 * 30cm and 60 * 60cm. The flat lamp with 120 * 30cm specification is fastened with 16 screws. Customers hope to save labor through automation equipment. Here we design a 16 axis automatic screw locking machine, which can automatically transport and screw 16 screws at a time, which can replace the work of more than 10 workers, and the production efficiency is very high.

 LED light lock screw equipment

The axle number and position of the equipment can be adjusted according to different products, which can meet the requirements of 30 * 30cm and other multi specification products. One product can be screwed automatically at the same time, and the screw tightening process of one product can be completed in 3-4 seconds.

 Multi axis automatic screw locking machine

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