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Screw screwing machine for communication and electronic industry

Locking screw equipment of vehicle navigation system

Date: January 29, 2018 10:49:54 reading: 1051

Vehicle navigation is carried out by using vehicle GPS (Global Positioning System) and electronic map. It can easily and accurately tell the driver the shortest or fastest path to the destination. The vehicle navigation here has 3D navigation, Bluetooth communication, radio, multimedia broadcast, original vehicle communication, digital TV, driving recorder and various software programs. There are many kinds of fastening screws according to the main products.

 Car navigation lock screw

The special vehicle navigation (original vehicle communication) needs to be designed according to the vehicle system. The appearance of the internal circuit board is also different, and the number of screws of different products will be different. Here, the Chi speed cs-z series is adopted Double platform coordinate type screw locking machine It can meet the production requirements of tongduo products. The equipment can set different locking schemes according to the screw hole position of different vehicle navigation motherboard. At the same time, it is equipped with special adjustable fixture, which can be adjusted by itself among multiple products.

 Vehicle navigation automatic locking screw machine

The scheme of double platform screw locking machine can greatly improve the human-computer cooperation and has high efficiency.

 Coordinate type screw locking machine

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