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Central air conditioning shutter lock screw horizontal lock

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The louver outlet of central air conditioning is a kind of air distributor. The types of louver tuyere include single-layer louver tuyere, double-layer louver tuyere, side wall grille tuyere and slit type grille tuyere.. The double-layer louver tuyere is composed of double-layer blades. The front blade is adjustable and the back one is fixed. Each blade is fixed with two screws. There are many screws distributed on both sides of the air outlet, so the assembly process is complicated.
 Shutter lock screw

The screw tightening and assembly process of central air conditioning ventilation leaf are carried out at the same time. When assembling and screwing, the screw holes of each air blade need to be concentric with the screw holes on both sides. Manual assembly screw tightening efficiency is low, and it is also difficult to adopt equipment locking. Here, we need to customize the frame, locking mechanism, fixture, etc. according to the product characteristics, and adopt the speed Horizontal lock screw machine When 4 screws are screwed to the position of the lower blade, 4 screws will be moved to the position of the wind turbine. It is convenient to adjust the width of the tool according to the scale.
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The customized special fixture can ensure that each wind page is concentric with the screw holes on both sides. The anti dazzle design is adopted, and the operator can realize accurate positioning by simply placing.

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