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Locking screw machine for household appliance industry

40-65 inch TV screw - adsorption type

Date: May 21, 2018 14:58:18 reading: 497

Application of large automatic screwing machine
General coordinate formula Automatic screw locking machine They are all independent operations. The conventional length, width and height of the equipment are 600 * 800 * 700mm, which can meet the screw tightening requirements of most manufacturing industries. This paper introduces the scheme of automatic screwing for smart TV. The size and shape of the equipment will be quite different from that of conventional equipment.

At present, 40-65 inch TV is the mainstream of domestic TV. With the enrichment of 4K resources, more and more 55 inch TV sets are more and more popular; and 40 inch TV is also sought after by the market because of its high cost performance. TV manufacturers usually produce a variety of specifications to meet the needs of different groups of people in the market, and the screw screwing equipment involved in TV sets also needs to meet the requirements of manufacturers. The automatic screw tightening equipment needs to be designed according to the size of TV, the number of screws and the shape of products Automatic screwing The scheme is universal to make full use of the equipment.

 TV automatic screwing machine
The length and width of 40 inch TV is generally 890 * 500mm, and the length and width of 65 inch TV is more than 1400 * 800mm. The size of the product is large and the span of different products is large. The automatic screwing machine needs to be customized according to the actual situation of the product. There are many TV screws. The scheme of using the coordinate type screw locking machine is more reasonable. The flat screw is used for the machine cover, and the blowing type feeding is not available. Here, the adsorption type double system screw locking machine is designed rapidly, and the two systems cooperate to complete the screw fastening work of one product The rate is twice that of a single system.

 Large automatic screw locking machine

According to the customer's product conditions, Chi speed builds 3D models to customize the model, and makes adjustable fixture according to the situation to facilitate the positioning of different products. The size of the equipment fixture is designed according to the maximum 65 inch TV. The adjustable fixture can be adjusted according to the product shape. The coordinate advantage can be programmed, and the locking path of each product can be set by itself. N sets of schemes can be saved, and the production can be switched in 10 minutes Line.

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