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70-100 inch TV lock screw scheme

Date: May 21, 2018 15:34:01 reading: 826

70-100 inch TV solution
With the arrival of the tide of consumption upgrading, the demand of users for high-end large screen TV is constantly upgrading, and the demand for more than 70 inch TV is gradually booming. The production and manufacturing of large TV sets require more and more strict equipment, which requires more flexibility and precision. Large TV lock screw process requirements are also more stringent.

The width and height of 70 inch TV is greater than 1000mm * 700mm, and that of 100 inch TV is more than 2300 * 1300mm Automatic screw locking machine The journey cannot be reached. The equipment needs to be customized according to the product situation.

There are many screws and various sizes in the product, so the coordinate scheme is needed to meet the general requirements of the equipment. For the flat screw, the adsorption scheme needs the equipment to absorb the screws, and then lock the screws point by point. The long stroke will directly reduce the equipment efficiency. Here, the dual system coordinate scheme is adopted to complete a product through the left and right systems Lock work, the equipment travel will be the original general, efficiency can be doubled.

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