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common problem

What is the maximum stroke of the automatic lock screw machine?

Date: 2018/7/30 15:26:06 Reading: 138

The stroke of the automatic lock screw machine can be designed according to the size of the product, such as the shutters for large product shutter lock screws , large TV lock screws , car bumpers, etc. The equipment sizes in these solutions are relatively large, the equipment stroke can reach more than 1000mm, It is the advantage of non-standard automation equipment. Usually the default model, the stroke of the conventional automatic locking screw machine is 300-500mm, as follows:


Z-axis travel of the coordinate type automatic locking screw machine, that is, the height range of the electric batch: 100mm;

X-axis travel, that is, the left-to-right movement distance of the electric batch axis: 400-600mm;

Y-axis stroke, that is, the forward and backward movement distance of the electric batch axis: 300-400mm.

The multi-axis automatic locking screw machine is not as versatile as the coordinate type, and is generally only used among several products, and the scope of equipment debugging is small, so it is not described here.

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