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common problem

How to debug the automatic lock screw machine into full automatic mode?

Date: 2018/8/1 14:20:28 Reading: 93

The fully automatic operation of the screw locking machine mainly refers to multi-axis and coordinate type. The two types of speed models are set to manual and automatic modes. Manual mode requires manual pressing of mechanical buttons to perform the next action. For larger products, it takes more time or is unfamiliar with the equipment. At this time, the manual mode is more suitable.
In high-speed production, the human-machine cooperation is tacit (the time for placing the product is relatively stable). Full-automatic mode can be used. The manual automatic mode replacement is very simple. In the human-machine interface, it can be operated through the touch screen. Take the coordinate type automatic locking screw machine as an example to perform the following operations:
1. Connect the air source and power supply;


2. Turn on the power of the coordinate machine and the power supply for the screw machine and wait for the completion of the coordinate machine startup and reset after power-on. After the power-on is completed, check whether the parameters of the product to be locked are correct. Note: After the emergency stop is pressed, the power will not reset automatically. The touch screen will prompt an alarm message after entering the system;

3. Before starting, check whether there are screws in the mouth of the batch. If not, manually press [Blow] to feed a screw;


4. Press the [Reset] button on the touch screen to return the axes to the origin, and then press the [Manual \ Auto] button to switch to the automatic state;


5. After the above work is completed, put the product in the fixture on the mobile platform, press the [left start] button on the left side of the front panel of the coordinate machine to run the left position, and the [left position stopped] on the touch screen becomes [left position During position operation, press the [Right Start] button on the right side of the front panel of the coordinate machine to run at the right position, and on the touch screen, [Right position is stopped] becomes [Right position running].

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