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Industry trends

The sales market of automatic screw locking machine is warmly welcomed

Date: 2019 / 12 / 2 15:15:26 reading: 27

With the continuous development trend of automation machinery in China, more and more companies have just begun to use intelligent robots to produce goods. Compared with the traditional manual production of goods by using intelligent robot mechanical equipment, both the quality of finished products and the high efficiency of finished products have been greatly improved. In the screw machine industry, customers also pay attention to screw function It's easy enough to screw the screw and it's highly efficient. What's the reason for this? The automatic locking screw machine is warmly welcomed by the sales market? The next Chi speed network is easy to tell everyone.

often Automatic screw locking machine To be welcomed by the sales market, in fact, the screw machine has great advantages compared with manual screw tightening.

one Using automatic screw machine to carry out the actual operation of locking, which can reasonably replace four I have another day's work.

two The actual operation of automatic machinery will be more simple, can reasonably reduce the human capital of employees.

three Screw machine is very reliable, under normal conditions can work in a day twenty-four It's impossible to work for such a long time.

four The utility of screw machine is very high. For different types of screws, only the fixture must be removed and replaced to carry out the locking of different goods. In the whole process of operation, the program flow can be easily changed again.

five Features: galloping multi axis automatic screw locking machine , Adopt adjustable design scheme , The total number and position of the shaft , The size of the fixture can be adjusted independently , More than one machine to use the actual effect , High cost performance , Reasonable cost control for customers.

six Reliability: multi axis locking screw machine has good advantages compared with general screw machine , All the parts of the shaft are well adjusted , Adopt high precision track design scheme , Work by equipment , Therefore, it can reasonably prevent the harm caused by human factors

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