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Industry trends

Automatic locking machine with small screw

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In general, screw on the bottom of the lamp is not only easy to screw on the bottom of the lamp, but also can be used in all kinds of products There are different sub sizes, but the screws used in each product are all the same. Here, the multi axis automatic screw locking machine planning scheme can be adopted, and the versatility of multiple products can be maintained according to the removal and replacement of different fixtures. Customers often have regulations on product standards and production volume.

Automatic screw locking machine

Key features of automatic screwing machine

Considering standardized production regulations, online LEDled The full-automatic flat lamp screwing machine is equipped with a rotating table and a mechanical arm. Considering the production line regulations, the manual service stage is reduced. The key technological processes are carried out by the machine and equipment fully automatically, with automatic screw feeding, automatic locking and automatic taking of products. There is a high-precision integrated machining workshop to ensure the production and processing accuracy of each component of machinery and equipment. In addition, the product tooling and fixture are completely matched with the product.

LED Light screwing machine

Considering the high efficiency production regulations, the production capacity of machinery and equipment can be considered in a short period of time. Each product from placing the product to screwing the screw into the conveyor belt only needs 2-3 Second time, multi process flow work in step, it is important to keep high efficiency.

Fully automatic screw locking machine has wide acceptability. The movable fixture of mechanical equipment design theme can be equipped with multi payment fixture. Considering different product regulations, the total number and position of shaft can also be adjusted according to the screw regulation, considering the diversified requirements of products.


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