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Industry trends

The working condition of screw tightening machine is automatic?

Date: 2020 / 1 / 9 11:03:48 reading: 24

Have you ever encountered the situation of stuck materials in the work of the automatic screw screwing machine which has spent a lot of money to buy? Nowadays, in order to reduce staff costs and improve work efficiency, some traditional manual screw tightening process has gradually declined. They spend a lot of money to buy automatic screw screwing machines and equipment to improve productivity. However, managers who do not understand insiders will have a wrong idea that they will blindly pursue perfection, low price and good quality in the sales market I don't know that there are many problems after some purchased machines and equipment. Whether it's the automatic screw machine, the automatic screw supply and demand balancing machine, the automatic screw locking machine, the screw feeder, or the portable screw machine, there are a wide range of problems with material stuck.

Screw machine

         Screw machine jam is often produced, the size of the problem is different. It means that if the material is stuck, it will harm the progress of the whole production, if the situation is serious, it will cause the screw machine to stop working; if it is small, it means that the reason can be found quickly and the production progress will not be harmed. Therefore, people must find out the cause of material sticking and the way to deal with it, so as to improve the economic benefit of the factory and reduce the cost of the factory.

Screw machine

         Automatic screwing machine How to solve the problem: most of them Automatic screw screwing machine The sticking material is caused by the defective screw. However, the problem of this kind of screw is generally caused by flower head and sliding teeth two There are also some problems in the overall design of the automatic screw screwing machine itself; some are due to the fact that the manufacturer of the automatic screw screwing machine has increased the safety channel of all screwing machines in order to deal with the special-shaped screws, including the electric driver lock nozzle, which has a large nominal diameter, that is to say, the floating lock sliding teeth and flower heads are caused As a result, manufacturers have turned this into a new industry and accelerated the characteristics of automatic screw screwing machines.

         Solution: if the defective screw is not good, people only have to pick out the bad screw to ensure the uniform appearance design of the screw; however, if it is the structural problem of the screw, people must specify the manufacturer to change when accepting the machine and equipment; if the screw safety channel increases due to improper treatment, it must become small and irregular Screw to ensure the reliability of automatic screw tightening machine.  

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