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Industry trends

Selection of feeder for automatic screwing machine

Date: 2020 / 1 / 9 11:05:42 reading: 24

In order to make the portable screw machine lock with higher efficiency, it is necessary to have a good feeder. In the whole process of locking, the feeder is responsible for selecting and sequencing screws. After removing the screws that do not conform to the specifications and models, the screws are transmitted to the suction port for the screw machine to lock. Therefore, the screw feeder is the whole disadvantage of the screw feeder.

Portable automatic screwing machine

         The screw specifications for general feeder are as follows M1~M6 For non-standard screws, the feeder must be customized. The key problem is to pay attention to the locking process. When the screw machine is used to carry out the locking work, sometimes the material can be jammed several times a day, even once every three or five times, which leads to the reason that the feeder is not selected well.

Automatic screwing machine

         How to choose a feeder with high quality and high efficiency? In the selection, people can take a variety of specifications and models of screws into the hopper, after the feeder is running, pay attention to check whether there are wood in the feeder, select the screws that do not meet the specifications, and check whether the specifications and models of the screws transported out of the football plate mouth are consistent. Even if the screws transported out are the same, there will be some abnormalities when the screws are locked at the back, which may cause the screw machine to jam or transport the poor screws to cause defective products. Therefore, a qualified feeder can ensure the accurate selection of qualified screws, so that there will be no jam in the processing process in the future, so that the productivity of the manufacturer can be further improved.

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